Commercial Litigation

AZA has handled virtually every kind of complex business dispute across nearly all industries. This includes energy, finance, health care and life sciences, construction, technology, real estate, transportation, manufacturing and more.

We are adept at all phases of commercial litigation, from the initial investigation to the verdict and appeal. Unlike most commercial litigation firms, we are trial lawyers. We usually try one case a month, and usually more than that.  This means we identify at the outset what to focus on to win, and what are red herrings and wastes of time that will not move the ultimate arbiter, whether it be judge, jury, or arbitrator.  Our opponents know we will try the case and do it well. This results in settlements other firms cannot achieve often early in the matter.

We also know that litigation does not exist in a vacuum. We are business-minded and sensitive to the client’s ultimate commercial interests of which the case may be a part. We are not just zealous advocates but are problem solvers and strategists too.


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