Our In-House Art Collection

We build thought-provoking arguments for our clients, and even our office art is provocative. Our newest offices have won two design awards. And the artwork gracing our firm as shown below is worthy of accolades too.

  • Crucifixion

  • Going to Extremes

  • Make Love Not War

  • Mary of Egypt

  • Melchizedek

  • Mermaid Eve

  • Michael

  • Moses the Ethiopian

  • Mystical Supper

  • Resurrection

  • St Paraskevi

  • The Fall

  • The Good Shepherd

  • The Great Mystery of the Finite & the Eternal

  • The Infinite Sadness & Unlikely Redemption of Me

  • The Sweet Kiss That Humbles The Proud & Pierces The Soul

  • Waking Up & Starting Over

  • Wedding at Cana

  • We Are All Saints

  • Contemplating the Creation

  • Baptism

  • All I Have Left to Give

  • All Men Must Die

  • Annunciation

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