Our Practice

A View from Both Sides of the Table

AZA represents both plaintiffs and defendants. Our practice areas span the legal landscape. We accept cases based on the merits of a client’s position, not based on any preference for either side of the bar. Our experience with both sides makes us better lawyers. It prepares us to anticipate the other side’s arguments and strategies. It also makes us uniquely qualified to conduct effective internal company investigations, where it is essential to view a problem from every angle. For example, in 2011 the firm helped secure three of the state’s largest verdicts from both sides of the bar. AZA helped win the state’s second-largest IP and intentional tort verdicts and the fourth largest defense verdict in legal fees, according to Texas Lawyer.

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Patent Litigation
  • Oil & Gas/Energy Litigation
  • Healthcare Litigation
  • Appellate
  • Mass/Class Actions
  • Trade Secrets & Covenants Not to Compete
  • Executive Employment Litigation
  • Construction & Real Estate Litigation
  • Copyright and Trademark Litigation
  • Commercial Lending & Bankruptcy Litigation
  • Environmental and Toxic Tort Litigation
  • International Arbitration

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