WSJ: Sean Gorman and the Litigation Group from Houston Office of Dewey & LeBoeuf Join AZA to Be Able to Litigate With More Flexibility
March 26, 2012

HOUSTON – The Wall Street Journal “Law Blog” reported here that Sean Gorman, an acclaimed litigator and managing partner of Dewey & LeBoeuf’s Houston office, has moved with his litigation associates to AZA, also known as AZA.

In a blog entry titled “Another Dewey & LeBoeuf Partner Exits: Houston Managing Partner Heads for Litigation Boutique,” reporter Jennifer Smith notes that Mr. Gorman left the large, respected Wall Street firm, not because he was upset with its management, but because he wanted to move to a platform more conducive to taking cases to trial and offering clients not only competitive hourly fees but a full range of fee arrangements. He brought three associates with him to AZA.

The blog post details Mr. Gorman’s decision to join AZA:

“His decision to leave Dewey was not linked to recent reports of financial trouble at the firm, Gorman said in an interview Saturday. He wanted to be part of a smaller practice where lawyers spend more time tackling challenging cases at trial. Gorman said his time at Dewey & LeBoeuf was among the most enjoyable years of my law practice and praised firm chairman Steven Davis’ leadership.

My decision to leave Dewey & LeBoeuf was a decision to leave big law, not to leave because of any financial strain,’ Gorman said. ‘If Dewey was still making the huge profits it made in 2007, before the recession, I still would have made the decision to go.’”

The story has also been covered by ABA Journal News in a story called “Another Dewey Leader to Depart, Says Desire to Leave BigLaw, Not Firm Finances, Prompted His Exit.”

AZA, or Ahmad, Zavitsanos & Mensing, is a Houston-based law firm that is home to true courtroom lawyers with a formidable track record in complex commercial litigation, including energy, intellectual property, securities fraud, construction and business dispute cases. AZA is one of only 32 firms in the U.S. to be recognized as “awesome opponents” in a nationwide poll of corporate general counsel who were asked to name the law firms they hope their companies never have to face in court. In fact, AZA has been hired on many occasions by the same companies the firm has prevailed against at trial. Read more at


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