AZA Successfully Defeats Temporary Injunction Request
May 5, 2007

AZA attorneys John Zavitsanos, Demetrios Anaipakos, Amir Alavi, and Joe Sibley participated in a multi-day evidentiary hearing. The opposing parties sought a temporary injunction to order AZA’s client to release nearly $6 million in funds that AZA’s client (the general partner of a limited partnership) did not distribute to some limited partners. The general partner withheld these funds as an offset against a substantial claim the general partner is bringing against those limited partners. After a number of witnesses testified during the evidentiary hearing and the submission of extensive briefing, the court refused to grant the limited partners’ request for a temporary injunction to order AZA’s client to release the funds. This case is set for final jury trial in April 2008. The firm’s clients have brought claims for breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract against a number of defendants, including these limited partners, seeking over $70 million in damages.

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