AZA Obtains Significant Defamation Appellate Ruling
February 5, 2010

For the first time in over 10 years in Texas, a Court of Appeals issued a ruling against a media defendant in a highly publicized defamation case which AZA is handling for the family of the Chief Deputy of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office. John Zavitsanos filed suit for Wade Brady against the Fort Bend Star for an article which appeared in the Star a couple of years ago. The Star is represented by the nationally renowned firm of Jackson Walker, L.L.P. In a 29 page opinion, the Houston Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed the trial court’s denial of the Fort Bend Star’s Motion for Summary Judgment and rejected the Star’s argument that Texas should expand the “limited purpose public figure” doctrine. Klentzman v. Brady, 2009 WL5174369 (Tex. App—Houston [1st Dist.], December 31, 2009). AZA will request that the trial court award the Plaintiff attorney fees incurred during the appeal and further request that this case be set for trial sometime in 2010.


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