AZA Defeats $160 Million Claim Against Energy Company
July 15, 2010

When one of the nation’s largest pipeline companies was the subject of a $160 million preference claim, it turned to the trial lawyers at AZA to fight the claim in Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. AZA defended the claim aggressively, including by immediately pressing for its outright dismissal. Eventually, the Litigation Trust that had authorized the claim all but abandoned it as AZA negotiated a settlement of the $160 million claim for $57,500. The settlement amount is approximately one-third of one percent of the original claim.

AZA lawyers John Zavitsanos, Demetrios Anaipakos, Michael Murphy, and Ariadne Montare represented AZA’s client.

More and more, energy companies turn to AZA for aggressive, creative, and effective solutions to their complex problems.


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