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AZA lawyers have already been in nine trials this year. Here are three compelling arguments for hiring experienced trial lawyers like those at AZA.

Trial Experience Impacts the Entire Case

In “Honesty Is The Best Policy – It’s time to disclose the lack of jury trial experience,” the authors argue in the Texas Bar Journal that most clients don’t realize how little trial experience their lawyers really have.

“. . . this lack of experience has the potential to impact nearly every decision made by the litigator. As a partner with more than 20 years of litigation at a California law firm responded in the survey, ‘In my view, trial experience informs decision-making in all other aspects of a suit.’” Read more

AZA has the trial experience that can inform every minute of your lawsuit.


We Make the Other Side Nervous

In “Litigators v. Trial Lawyers: The Differences and Why They Matter,” Chris Arledge, managing partner of a California IP firm, wrote in California Lawyer:

“ … Having a true trial lawyer involved may even help settle the case. The litigator and client on the other side may very well be nervous about the presence of a quality trial lawyer showing up for the opposition … ” Read more

AZA would like to help you make the other side nervous.


Too Many Litigators Aren’t Trial Lawyers

In “How Litigators Evade the Question of Trial Experience,” a deputy general counsel explains how important it is for in-house counsel to retain a real trial lawyer.

“ … Most litigators don’t try cases …  But in-house folks are correct to look for trial experience … we ask questions about trial experience as a matter of self-defense. …You can’t blame me for asking. And I suppose I can’t blame you for evading the question.” Read more

We don’t have to evade the question at AZA.


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