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We’ve been winning cases for clients on contingency fee arrangements for years.

We’re willing to bet we’ll win, so we take commercial cases and patent cases on contingency all the time.

Lots of times, it’s other lawyers who bring us in.

We get a lot of our contingency cases through lawyers who took on the cases but need an experienced trial team to take the case to a jury. We’ve done that kind of co-counsel arrangement a lot.

Most of our patent cases have included multi-million dollar settlements and trial wins against multi-national companies.

Here are just a few examples of recent cases we’ve taken on contingency and gotten a great result for our clients and for our firm: 

$7.8 Million Verdict
A Janitorial Service Disparaged by a National Union Won After a Jury Found in Our Client's Favor
$41.6 Million
Jury Awarded to an Energy Company After Hurricane Coverage Insurance Breach of Contract Dispute
$50 Million Pre-Trial Settlement
Result Occurred After a Gigantic Contractual Dispute Between Major Energy Companies Thanks to AZA's Damage Models

Over $40 Million Recovered
Accounting Malpractice Case
$100 Million Recovered
A Series of Related Oil & Gas Exploration Cases

Why Refer Your Case to AZA?

Maybe your firm management finds the case a bit risky and will only do it on contingency. Fine with us. 

Maybe you don’t have money in the budget to pursue justice in a matter that really needs to go to trial. We can help with that. 

Maybe it’s a bet-the-company case, and to survive, you need to go on contingency. We’ve tried plenty of those successfully.  

Or maybe you just feel more comfortable by formally aligning our firm’s interest with yours by making it a contingency fee. We’ll be there with you either way. 


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