AZA Recent Victories

AZA Plaintiff Wins Include:

Houston Jury Awards Tech Company $11.4 Million Over Competitor’s False Accusations to Government Agencies, Customers

A Harris County jury has awarded $11.4 million to Houston technology company Function One Consulting Group L.L.C. after a competitor made false accusations of tax violations to Function One’s then-largest customer. Read more.

Air Liquide Awarded Damages, Attorneys’ Fees and Injunction in Contract Dispute

Houston-based Air Liquide Large Industries U.S. LP prevailed on all claims in a Fort Bend County jury trial where the company collected $1.7 million from a customer that had sued seeking damages in a contract dispute.  Read more.

AZA Defense Wins Include:

AZA Completes Sixth Trial of 2014 with Take-Nothing Win

A Harris County jury has issued a take-nothing verdict for a Houston businesswoman who was sued over proceeds from allegedly fraudulent commercial property sales. The court victory marks the sixth trial completed by lawyers from the Houston law firm AZA, or Ahmad, Zavitsanos & Mensing, since the beginning of 2014. Read more here and here.

Houston Appeals Court Delivers Take-Nothing Judgment in Trade Secrets Case

A Houston appeals court has cleared a group of defendants in a trade secret misappropriation case by overturning an earlier $4.4 million judgment and awarding a take-nothing judgment.  Read more

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